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Mirissa Sri Lanka – Feel The Unbelievable Beach Experience in your Life

Written by Lakshan Dinuka

As a growing tourist destination, Sri Lanka is having different types of values. This country is surrounded by sea as a small island. This matter has become a reason to build a lot of beaches in Sri Lanka. Here there is a concept call Sun, Sea, Sand. It mentioned the reasons why tourist visits Sri Lanka. Especially people who come for sunbathing and other beach activities come through this concept.

Nowadays it has been changed a bit. But tourists who like to beach tourism still visit Sri Lanka to feel it. Mirissa, Unawatuna, Negambo, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Arugam Bay, Trincomalee, Kalpitiya, and etc. these are the most popular and beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. But among those Mirissa is a very famous and interesting one.

mirissa sri lanka top view
mirissa sri lanka top view

How do I get from Colombo to Mirissa?

colombo to Mirissa
colombo to Mirissa

Mirissa is a town located in Matara District, approximately it’s 150km away from the south of Colombo. After you landed at Bandaranayaka airport which 35km away from Colombo. You have to visit Colombo Fort Station. There is a train every 4 hours to Weligama from Fort Station.

A normal train takes 2h 54m to the journey if you try fastest train approximately it will take 2h 15m. the average price is LKR 260.00 for 2nd Class and LKR 145.00 for 3rd Class (these prices may change with new rates). Mirissa is very close to Weligama Station, just in 6 minutes, you can travel by cab or tuk-tuk.

      But if you wish to travel on road, there is a bus in Colombo Bastiyan road bus terminal every 2 hours that go for Matara bus station. This journey takes a maximum of 5 hours because of the traffic, otherwise it close to 2h and 30m. The ticket price is LKR 170 – LKR 240. From Matara Bus Terminal, you can travel Mirissa in 15m via tuk-tuk or any other transport service.

                  If you have enough money you can hire a privet transport service to travel. It will be good, within 2hours, covering 148 km.

How far is Mirissa from Galle?

Galle to Mirissa
Galle to Mirissa

As a tourist, you are not coming only for Mirissa. In your itinerary mostly there will be a destination call ‘Galle’. Because Galle is one of the major tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and it’s close to Mirissa. That’s why you should aware of how you travel from Galle to Mirissa. The distance between these destinations is 42km. the easiest way is choosing a bus to Weligama from Galle. Then you can easily reach to Mirissa

What is special in Mirissa Sri Lanka?

Base on other beaches in Sri Lanka, Mirissa is a unique one.  There are a lot of reasons for that.

Mirissa – Secret Beach:

mirissa secret beach
mirissa secret beach

this one is somewhat hidden from the society. That helps to maintain the beauty of this secret beach. There is only one small bar shop and coconuts selling woman here. It’s like hidden heaven. If you ask from the tuk-tuk driver, they will carry you to the place. After you dropped by tuk-tuk, you have to walk approximately 10 minutes to reach the secret beach.

Coconut tree spot :

Coconut tree spot
Coconut tree spot

already you may have seen this place through media. It’s close to Mirissa Sri Lanka beach, A coconut farm. The places are very popular with photoshoots. Because it makes beautiful pictures of the sunset. Try to see this as a guest but be careful from the coconuts that fall from the trees.

Whale watching:

mirissa Whale watching
Whale watching

If you travel here at the end of November and March, don’t try to leave Sri Lanka without watching this. You will see the beauty of marine life. Not only whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and small sharks are also there. A lot of hotels and privet sectors provide this offer. Join with that and discover the marine life.

Mirissa Surfing:

Mirissa Surfing

if you are a surfer or wish to do surfing Mirissa Sri Lanka is one of the best places for that. It’s a place for that reason to start surfing in Sri Lanka.  But there will be a little crowed. Anyway, October to March is better for surfing.

Joyful Beach:

joyfull beach
joyful beach

 Mirissa beach is crowded but you can rest here. There are a lot of hotels with friendly services. You can test various foods items.

The Doctors House:

The Doctors House pic by
The Doctors House pic by

This is the place you should join with your friends at an evening party. We highly recommend this place to visit. It’s a different type of experience that you should take. Great foods, drinks, and live music bring you to another world. within 15 minutes you can visit here from the town.

Mirissa Surf and Yoga

Surf and Yoga pic by
Surf and Yoga pic by

Surf and Yoga join with each other as a package in this area (Weligama). A combination of tourism and the beach is one reason for this. If you wish to do these activities in Mirissa you have a lot of opportunities everywhere here. Most hotels are conducting these activities. But we highly recommend the guest house called ‘SURF AND YOGA MIRISSA’. They continue quality professional names in these activities and services. 

All the surf teachers are certified by ISA (International Surf Association). It means they will teach you local surf knowledge. In this surf camp experience, they do not add some cost such as surfboard insurance, rental. And they consider the suitable place to surf every day. With them, you can have a better and safe surfing experience.

      Yoga treatment was also done here. All yoga teachers are much trained. There are some classes at different times. If you want you can arrange a private session base on your request.

But not only in this guest house, there are lot of hotels and places that you can take these services.

Mirissa Night Life

night life map
night life map

In Sri Lanka, all the beaches are not suitable and not ready for night functioning. But Mirissa Sri Lanka is one of the outstanding beaches that like a festival in a night. Here there are a lot of games and events for a full night.  To hangout a long night you have to know what are the places that should go base on your needs.

  • Zephyr Restaurant and Bar: for beer lovers
  • Palm Villa Restaurant: Relaxing Ambiance
  • Bay Moon: Exclusive Cocktails. 
  • Central Beach Inn: Breathtaking sea view
  • Barista: For Coffee Lovers
  • Mirissa Eye: for vibrant nightlife
  • Secret Beach Bar: Romantic escape
  • Papa Mango: For Delicious Delicacies

Mirissa Restaurants and Hotels  

Restaurants and Hotels
Restaurants and Hotels

Mirissa is a destination that accommodation never becomes an issue. You have a lot of choices here. Everyone is somewhat different from others. Various packages, services, rooms, foods, and beverages. Base on your budget you can plan your accommodation. But for your easiness, we have identified a few hotels that can be recommended to you.

Hotel Glamour Mirissa

This hotel has some kind of uniqueness. The hotel has two cabanas to rest alone or be romantic with your partner. And there is a tropical feeling garden. They are maintaining 7 rooms including 2 rooms that have sea view.

1 Budget room

2 Standard double rooms

3 Standard triple room

4 Quad room with ocean view. 

In here you can make your own foods if you want. But you have to pay an additional 10$ per day. By visiting their site you can know the details furthermore.


Mandara Resort Mirissa.

This is a 4-star hotel. It’s very close to the beach. They are providing you a lot of accommodation options. And here most rooms cancelation are free, that’s a very important thing. And if we talk about the services, they have an ayurvedic spa, an open table on the beach, a beautiful pool and also the opportunity to whale watching. If you want to know more details, follow their website.


Mirissa Beach Villa.

This hotel is very close to the beach. And the architecture of the hotels is attractive. Inside the hotel also decorate in different ways. they have a statement in their site ‘Probably, the happiest place on the planet.. and you’re invited’. Through this statement, the create their places in your mind. The hotel premises has two pools.

One is a standard and the other one is filled with salt water. They have an unbelievable beach area with isolated surroundings. If we talk about the facilities of the hotel, there is private parking, satellite TV, air conditioning living area, daily maid services, BBQ facilities, Bicycles, local tours & excursions, yoga instructor, WI-FI, etc. this is one of best places that you can accommodate in Mirissa.


Paradise Beach Club Mirissa

This hotel has a great past. They provide services to the guests since 1983. They consider your smile as their reward. Their wish is to try to give the best and memorable experiences from their services and hotel.

      They have given you some special opportunities to make easy your booking. You can see the photos from their website and book rooms online. And also you can see the hotel before you visit via a 3D virtual tour from the website. If you want to know price rates and more information, please visit their site. 


Somerset Mirissa

This hotel is 150 meters away from Mirssa beach. Located in lush tropical environments which brings a beautiful look to this place.

      The hotel includes 10 modern deluxe rooms and 3 studio type superior rooms with all luxurious facilities. In here you can be rest, sunbathing middle of the eye-catching view. And taste delicious and various food items prepared by their professional and well-experienced chefs.

      Because of the location of the hotel, you are able to enjoy a lot of outside activities within few minutes such as shopping and dining. So visit here and enjoy your vacation easily. In their website they have mentioned like this ‘Book directly to enjoy the best rates available online!’ then why are you waiting, just do it.


Is Mirissa safe?


As a tourist destination, Mirissa has a close relationship between the locals and foreigners more than other destinations. The reason is a lot of services are linked with the local people. As an example we can take surfboard providers, small restaurants, small shops with food items, transportation, etc. as the world knows, Sri Lankan hospitality is very high. But there were few incidents in the previous era that added black marks to the SL tourism industry.

            But nowadays it’s completely changed. Under the new government and rules of SLTDA (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority), they highly care about visitors’ safety. The participation of the tourism policy is very high. Not only in Mirissa, all destinations in Sri Lanka. convicts of previous incidents were punished under Sri Lankan criminal law. Anyhow in cases, you are open to contact the tourist Unit of police (+9441-2261122). But we mention again Mirissa, Sri Lanka is a safe destination for you.


Finally, we highly recommend you. Visit here, feel here, you wouldn’t realize this much of beauty in a place located in a small country like Sri Lanka. Come as a guest and leave as a friend.


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