Ella Sri Lanka – Why Should You Travel Ella Hill Country?

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Written by Bhathiya Gamage

Ella is a small and attractive village in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka. It’s located in the Uva Province of Badulla. It is approximately 200 kilometers away from Colombo. The special thing is to visit Ella which is filled with tea estates, mountains, waterfalls, and of course with some good air to breathe. Many tourists love to visit here because of the natural surrounding and the many places to visit in Ella small town in Badulla. Ella Sri Lanka is blessed with some of the most beautiful views.

Ella small town Most of the people are used as a base for plenty of trekking expeditions to the surrounding countryside. When you are traveling to Ella will be addicted to exploring more hidden beauty. Ella got its own historic values and it is linked to Ravana stories too. As a tourist, you can explore all of them while you are here. Actually some of the main things that come to mind when talking about Ella Sri Lanka are an amazing location, different places to visit in Ella Sri Lanka, Nine Arches Bridge, Ella rock, Adisham Bungalow, Ravana Ella Falls and Diyaluma falls.

Ella Location


One of the main reasons is lots of foreign tourists add to Ella Sri Lanka into their tour itinerary. As a new beginner on your visit to Sri Lanka, you will first come to Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo. From there you will either travel where to where. Ella is located 1041 meters above from sea level and also it is centralized in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. The special thing is you can reach easily to Ella it is about 235km from Colombo international Airport, 200km from Colombo, 63km from Nuwaraeliya and 10km from Bandarawela.

Ella Sri Lanka – Best Places to visit

Ella Sri Lanka is not just one place for tourists. You can collect many benefits to this destination. Because of that, so many places as well as different types of experiences you can feel from the moment you start your journey to end your tour. The reason is that many natural environments and many things to see are within a very short time all around Ella. There are Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Rock, Ravana Ella Falls, Mini Adams Peak, Adisham Bungalow, etc.

Nine Arch Bridge

ella sri lanka Nine arch bridge
Nine arch bridge ella sri lanka

Nowadays Ella has become one of the major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. When reminding Ella just remember to every visitor mind the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella. One of those unique attractions is the Nine Arch Bridge in between Ella station and Demodara railway station. This Nine Arch Bridge & Demodara station was built during the British Colonial Period. Sinhalese known as this bridge “Ahas Namaye Palama” it is meaning nine skies bridge.

The unbelievable beauty of here behind the railway, a forest is booming below tea leaves and plantation and being cultivated. If you are ready to come here it will be a great experience that you have never experienced before. Many foreign and domestic tourists looking for the next time of train after passing over the bridge. It’s a great opportunity to drone photography and videography to all visitors to collect the beauty of Ella.

Ella Rock Sri Lanka

Ella Sri Lanka Rock
Ella Sri Lanka Rock

Welcome to the awesome places to visit Ella Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. Now we are going to reach the place that was really beautiful Ella Rock. Ella rock Sri Lanka was closest to an English country like colder countries. If you love living green & with the natural environment, then Ella Sri Lanka is obviously a place to visit. Ella Rock in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is one of the places which proves it. However hiking is a little bit tiring, but it is definitely worth experience in your life.

The unbelievable scene is the morning and evening views it provides with mist and cloud covering the area of Ella and around the Ella rock. Total time to waste for climbing up and down for about 4 hours. After saying like that, suddenly come to mind it is like a long journey. But the way up through the biodiversity you will pass a waterfall, on the other side tea plantation and rubber tree forest.

That’s why you don’t feel tired. The special thing is, on a rainy day it can be slippery, so better should be careful with what you wear for the journey. You will have to wear something suitable for hiking like hiking shoes, backpacks, rain gear ( jacket, umbrella, dry sacs ), mosquito repellent, tent, hiking furniture, and any other necessary equipment. Ella Sri Lanka popular among many foreign and domestic visitors and also every people who willing to live with the natural environment. Therefore, especially should be mentioned enjoy the beauty of the place as well as we are expecting your contribution to save this awesome place to visit in Ella Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

The top view of Mini Adam’s Peak

The top view of Mini Adam’s Peak
The top view of Mini Adam’s Peak.

Welcome to the awesome places to visit in Ella Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. Among some places in Ella Sri Lanka, Mini Adam’s Peak is the closest and easiest hike as well as most of the domestic visitors often visit and go to worship at this place according to their religion. Happy to say you will get to the entrance in about 15min walk from Ella town. Otherwise, it’s a little bit difficult to take the bus towards Passara or a tuk-tuk.

Sometimes you will difficult to identify where are located is correct Adam’s Peak. Because of Sri Lankan people are known as Punchi Sri Pada, Small Adams Peak, and little Adam’s Peak. Little Adam’s Peak is visited by many tourists because one of the great hiking experiences gives to climbers. After climbing over, the visitors witness the view of the top of the mountain. Because of that, the view gives the perfect a clear view of Ella town as well as filled greenery and beautiful tea plantation.

The Best Hotels & Places to Stay in Ella Sri Lanka

Ella Best Luxury Hotels
Ella Best Luxury Hotels

Ella Sri Lanka Located high in the Hill Country, the small town is an essential stay on any Sri Lanka itinerary. Around the city of Ella have many surrounded by tea plantation, waterfalls, rewarding hikes, and stunning views. Here we like to share the best places to stay in Ella Sri Lanka.

Happy to say, from 5 stars to Boutique Hotels to Guest House and Resorts and any other best accommodation sectors are available in Ella Sri Lanka. No matter what your budget, because of according to every visitor to depend on any budget you can select the best place to stay as you wish.

Best Luxury Hotels in Ella

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