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Buduruwayaya Archeological Site in Sri Lanka. One of Best Hidden Cultural 2020

Written by Bhathiya Gamage

Buduruwayaya archaeological site situated on North Central Province in Polonnaruwa District. On the other hand, it’s nearby the little Mahaweli Town Bakamuna with its farming community. The special thing is this ancient place was situated in nearby Dambulla Mahiyanganaya road.

Dambulla to Near Buduruwayaya map

Therefore many people passed this place on this road. But still not very popular among tourists. However, if you are coming to this ancient place you can see there are many ruins that have a very long history. Those ruins and monuments similarities for another few places of Sri Lanka. Therefore that reason also brings extra value for this Buduruwaya Archeological Site in Sri Lanka.

Reaching to Buduruwayaya Archeological Site

It is worth for you to watch this ancient place because of that positioning of the Buduruwayaya Archeological Site. You can use any transportation methods to achieve this place. After arrival to Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport if you are planning to travel Dambulla or Kandy it will take you approximately 3 or 4 hours by public transportation methods. However, if you are coming from Kandy to Polonnaruwa, you can reach this place by a very nice road.

It is Kandy, Matale, Naula via Moragahakande Reservoir with cool mountain and forest area to, Bakamuna farming village and Buduruwaya Archeological site. The road was wide and excellent for driving on. Another route is, from Dambulla to Bakamuna road still under construction. So the rout is not as comfortable but also it does not feel because of their scenic beauty of the route.

Buduruwayaya Temple
Buduruwayaya Temple
Route from Colombo to Buduruwayaya Archeological SiteRoute from Polonnaruwa to Buduruwayaya Archeological Site
Through:- Kurunagala-Dambulla-BakamunaThrough:- Girithale-Bakamuna
Distance:- 180kmDistance:- 50km
Travel Time:- approximately 4 or 5 hoursTravel Time:- 1 ½ hours
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Historical Value of Buduruwayaya Archeological Site

According to Paranavithana, this monastery may belong to 9-10 centuries A.D. The most significant architectural masterpiece of this site is the reclining Buddha statue built from a permanent solid rock. This unbelievable carving is done on a type rock called the “Chandrakanthi Pashana Gala” it holds a great similarity to some kind of features found in the famous reclining Buddha statue of the Polonnaruwa Gal Viharaya.

Buduruwayaya archaeological site
Buduruwayaya archaeological site

This site is said to be of the early Anuradhapura Kristian era. This statue is facing to Amban Ganga River. Based on the present existing ruins there was an image house built for this Buddha statue. According to some existing holes designed to carry wooden beams of the roof can still be seen at the top of there. But there is no evidence such images or wall art to Proof it. The present base of the statue is not yet to be excavated.

Buduruwayaya Temple - Solid Rock
Buduruwayaya Temple – Solid Rock

Due to current know facts vandalized by treasure hunters this Buddha Statue. The reason is, you can see some places have been destroyed by this solid rock. The most important assumption is this statue is not yet be finished. There are some evidence can be seen for the examples. Robe lines were not carved as well as the feet of the statue is a rough surface.

There are two unfinished sitting statue can be seen at the front of the feet of the statue. The other significant building is the Stupa. You can see here and there a guard stone, moonstone and stone pillar as well as like smallest Dagoba by making use of some bricks. After considering all the facts some stone pillars could be seen beyond the elephants’ fence giving evidence the monastery may have been in larger areas in ancient times.

Buduruwayaya Temple Stupa
Buduruwayaya Temple Stupa

The Natural Flora and Fauna in Buduruwayaya Archeological Site.

This hidden attraction site is situated away from 6km of Wasgamuwa National Park. Therefore Buduruwayaya Archeological site boundary you can see the Elephant fence protect from the Wild Elephants. Also in this place or near safety place you can arrange some camping site your own with the permission of villages.

The reason has still promoted this destination for the camping sites. However, there is more possibility to start deferent types of activities in this site. Because of near Wasgamuwa National Park, this Buduruwayaya Archeological site area is surrounded by thick jungle. Therefore various trees like Burutha, Kolon, Kumbuk, Palu, and Veera that surrounded by the temple garden, as well as particular Kaluwara (Black Ebony) such trees can be found here.

Buduruwayaya Temple hidden river
Buduruwayaya Temple hidden river

This green full environment have more natural flora, as well as species of birds and animals, seem to be all around the Buduruwayaya Archeological site. There are wild boar, spotted deer, Axis Deer, Mongoose, Land Monitor, Crocodile as well as Water Monitor species birds like gray hornbill, Malbar pied hornbill, and different types of Eagles are usually flying here and there.

Attractions Places – Near Buduruwayaya

  1. Wasgamuwa National Park
  2. Moragahakanda Dam Site
  3. Kumaraella Archeological Site
  4. Elahera Gem Mining

Among these attractions, the Moragahakanda reservoir is recently made using the latest irrigation technology in Sri Lanka. So watching this reservoir is a new experience for you. The special thing is, doing the gem mining is another industry that attracted the whole World. Therefore you can purchase these gems as well as watching the process of gem mine.

Hotels in Buduruwayaya Temple

According to the beauty of this Bduruwayaya Archeological Site, we can highly be recommended visiting this area as a new tourist destination.


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